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Public Art

Public Art Projects

Featuring Collaboration and Community Participation

Earth and Beyond
City of Lewisville

Installed: April, 20

Designed by: Daren Fagan

Constructed by: Visual Art League and the citizens of Lewisville

Funding by: Greater Lewisville Arts Alliance

Earth and Beyond Finished with Plaque_ed
Prototype of Earth and Beyond

Lakeside Arts Foundation assisted with fundraising and project management of the first Public Art sculpture for the city of Lewisville, title Earth and Beyond, made possible by a generous gift from the Greater Lewisville Arts Alliance. 


This kinetic metal and mosaic collaboration is designed by local artist, Daren Fagan, in conjunction with members of the Visual Art League of Lewisville. This sculpture is a tribute to Jim Wear, the former Director of the MCL Grand arts center, who helped make this project and so many others possible. 


The focal piece of the sculpture is a kinetic modernistic plant that moves slowly with the wind. The pyramid shaped base includes colorful mosaics inset into each of the 4 sides, designed by local artists. Like the earlier "Kaleidoscapes," the community was invited to participate in the construction, which was completed in April of 2018.


City of The Colony

Donated: February, 2009

Designed by: Denise Feeney

Constructed by: LAF and citizens of The Colony

Lakeside Arts Foundation is committed to providing Public Art. We provided the first publicly-owned art in the City of The Colony, the "Kaleidoscapes," donated to the city in 2009, in partnership with the Community Development Corporation. These three large, internally-lit glass and steel sculptures, titled Hope, Love and Peace, sit in front of The Colony City Hall. 

The Kaleidoscape project symbolizes the fabric of our community, with all our diversity, uniting to create a beautiful space to live and play.


The glass panels were created as a community project during the fall of 2008 during several events, and dedicated in February of 2009. 

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